Spectro Inlets

LabDays Aarhus 2019

Aarhus Congress Center

11th - 12th of September 2019

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Spectro Inlets

Real-time detection of volatiles in liquids

The table-top Spectro Inlets analysis system allows for real-time measurement of dissolved gases in liquid environments. As the inlet is robust and self-cleaning, the system is suitable for monitoring dissolved gases for industrial applications such as biogas production and wastewater treatment. Thanks to our unique microchip inlet technology, the analysis system can characterize gas evolution at the surface of an electrode for electrochemistry and battery R&D. Sub-second time response can readily be obtained in the measurement of minute gas release processes such as the desorption of 10 ppm of a monolayer from a metal electrode, or down to 1 nA of continuous product formation in an electrochemical reaction. The output mass spectrometry signal is easily quantifiable, given the 100% gas collection efficiency and the tailored molecule flux to the detector. The integrated gas-handling system allows for dosing reactant gases either as short pulses or as steady-state feeds.

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