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Exhibitor info LabDays Aarhus 2021

LabDays Aarhus 2019 took place from the 11th to the 12th September at Aarhus Congress Center in the center of Aarhus. The fair had 77 exhibitors and 1.336 professional visitors. The next version of LabDays Aarhus will again take place at Aarhus Congress Center from 15th to 16th September 2021.

Stand rental prices 2021 - price per m²:         

Under 24 m²                   DDK.  2.495 per m²

25 m2 eller mere          DDK.  2.095 per m²

All stands are turnkey stands. Smallest stand size is 4 (2x2 m.).

Registration fee:

Registration fee per exhibitor DDK. 2.250

Registration fee per co-exhibitor DDK. 495*

* (A co-exhibitor will be included in the printed quick guide and the online catalog, just like all other exhibitors).

All the prices above is  ex. Danish VAT.

Exhibitors coming from other EU countries will not be required to pay Danish VAT.

The following is included in the stand rental:

Stand walls against neighborgs - Island stands can max. have walls on to sides. (2,5 m. high white walls) 

Light: The standard light in the hall will be lowered down just above the stands

1 Power supply on 1,5 kW (3-sockets)

1 white round high café table for each 12 m² (around 80 cm. diameter)

2 high bar chairs for each 12 m2 

1 ePoint connection  (to scan visitor badges at the stand - extra connection connection can be purchased for DDK 198)

Daily cleaning 

WiFi connection

Inclusion in the online catalog incl. two profile text, as well as the online package consisting your company logo in the online catalog, uploading up to 10 photos and a video on your page in the online catalog

It is mandatory to use our standard wall system. So you are not allowed to use your own walls, and you are not allowed to build higher than 2,5 m. You can deselect the café table and the two chairs - this wan't give you a reduction in the price.

CLICK HERE if you want to see our general terms when you rent a stand at LabDays Aarhus 2021.

StanDesign is our technical partner 

Our technical partner for the stand constructions is StanDesign; and they will also be the supplier of extra stand equipment such as furniture, etc. So if you need to order extra things for your stand, StanDesign will make sure that it is ready at your stand when you arrive on the construction day (1th September)

Later on we will make a link to a catalog and order forms with all the product you can order from StanDesign on this page.

Contact StanDesign

Phone: +45 44 84 66 99

Mail:  info@standesign.dk

Opening hours: 

Monday 30th September: StanDesign will build up all the stands. (If it is needed, exhibitors can get a dispensation to start to prepare their stand this day - price DDK. 1.500)

Tuesday 1th September from 8.00 am to 12.00 pm the exhibitors "move in" and prepare their stands

Wednesday 2th September from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm open for visitors (Exhibitors can enter the hall from 8.00 am)

Wednesday 3th September from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm open for visitors (Exhibitors can enter the hall from 8.00 am)

Wednesday 3th September from 4.00 pm to 12.00 pm the exhibitors move out

Payment terms:

1. rate: The registration fee + 50% of the stand rental: 11th January 2021

2. rate: The rest of the stand rental: 5th. July 2021

Loggistics/goods handling

DSV can help you if your if you have to transport equipment/stand furniture to and from your stand at the Aarhus Congress Center. DSV can also help you to store empty goods during the fair. DSV make sure your goods is ready at your stand when you come. And they also make sure that your empty goods will be driven to your stand as soon as the fair close. And finaly they can transport all your equipment back to your company when to fair close. And remember that DSV is the only one that are allowed to drive with manned truck in the exhibition hall. 

DSV Solutions A/S

Henrik Glendorf

Emma Gads Vej - Gate 1

DK-2300 København S

Phone +45 43 20 30 40 

Direct phone +45 43 20 38 53 

Mobile phone +45 40 40 39 89

Mail: henrik.glendorf@dk.dsv.com

Exhibitor Manual, Exhibitor Kit and such...

Later on, we will make a landing page with a Exhibitor Manual, Exhibitor Kit and such. The link will turn up on this page later o.

The trade magazine "Dansk Kemi" is our media partner

Denmark's leading trade magazine in the laboratory industry is Dansk Kemi, published by the TechMedia. "Dansk Kemi" is our media partner; so they will send out a special fair edition of Dansk Kemi about one month before the start of the fair. Beside this, Dansk Kemi will also make a quick guide which will be handed out to all the visitors for free.

To learn more about this unique marketing opportunity; please contact Tanja W. Dühri.

Tanja Wulff Dühring


Direkte telefon +45 43 24 26 06

Email: twd@techmedia.dk

CLICK HERE and get media information about Dansk Kemi

Dansk Kemi would like to have exciting stories and news from the exhibitors. So all exhibitors are very welcome to contact Katrine Meyn ,who is the Responsible Editor at Danske Kemi. Of course it is up to Katrine to assess what news that er suitable to be used in the magazine.

Katrine Meyn

Responsible editor

Direct phone +45 43 24 26 68

Email: km@techmedia.dk


Radisson Blu Hotel will make a special offer for the exhibitors

LabDays Aarhus 2021 will take place at Aarhus Congress Center; and a part of the center is the Radisson Blu Hotel. When we come closer to September, we will announce a special offer for rooms at the Radisson Blu Hotel to the exhibitors. this announcement will come on this page.

A high Café table + two  bar chairs is incl. in the stand rental.

LabDays Aarhus 2021 will take place at Aarhus Congress Center from September 15th to 16th

Media Partner:

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 Congress Partners:

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Also conducted by J.B. Exhibitions:

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