LabDays CPH UK

LabDays Aarhus 2019

Scandinavian Congress Center - Aarhus

11th - 12th of September 2019


CPH LabMed becomes LabDays Copenhagen 2018...


And is executed in the Øksne hall from the 12th - 13th September 2018


We have listened to our exhibitors and, on this basis, have decided to change a large number of items on the lab fair:



  • The fair moves from Lokomotivværkstedet to the Øksne hall central located in Copenhagen. The expectation is that the exhibitors on average will take smaller stands (as they do in Aarhus); and the new fair will fill the frame of the Øksne hall out must better than the bigger Locomotivværkstedet.


  • The fair goes from 3 to 2 days, to create more energy and dynamics.


  • The fair changes name to LabDays Copenhagen to indicate a new concept.


  • A new turnkey stand concept is introduced to give smaller exhibitors better terms - and more visibility at the fair.


  • The fair gets a new stand lay-out - and this means that all stands have 2 or 4 meters depth, compare to the 3-7 meters whick the fair had in under the CPH LabMed concept. This changes gives all the exhibitors more visibility during the fair.


  • The fair will be conducted one week earlier.


  • The possibility of custom made stands is maintained - In particular, several major exhibitors have wanted to maintain the ability to make more individual profile stands; and therefore custom made stands are maintained in the new concept.


  • An important part of the concept is to maintain industry meetings in parallel with the fair; and the advantage of Øksnehallen is that custom made meeting rooms can be established side by side with exhibition. The goal is to gather industry activities so that exhibitors can "kill more birds with one stone" and only have to exhibit one place (the LabDays fair).



We believe that the many new initiatives help maintain a strong trade show with a large representation of industry suppliers. The new concept is more future-proof; and will ensure that the danish laboratory fair can develop positively to the benefit of everyone in the industry, both visitors and exhibitors.






Jesper Åndahl


Tlf. +45 21 27 08 14

Bo Rasmussen


Tlf. +45 20 33 33 16

LabDays is organized by J.B. Exhibitions ApS - Svogerslevvej 6 - DK - 2700 Brønshøj - Phone +45 20 33 33 16 - or +45 21 27 08 14