LabDays 2018

LabDays Aarhus 2019

Scandinavian Congress Center - Aarhus

11th - 12th of September 2019

2.656 visitors at LabDays Copenhagen 2018...

2.656 professionals visited LabDays Copenhagen 2018; and the feedback from many exhibitors was that they experienced a lot of people on their stand. And many of the exhibitors was impressed by the high quality of the visitors.


The preliminary assessment is therefore that the new concept for the Danish laboratory fair was a success. Some of the new features were that CPH LabMed changed its name to LabDays Copenhagen; that the fair went from 3 to 2 days and that the fair moved venue from Lokomotivværkstedet to the Øksne hall. J.B. Exhibitions carry out a thorough analysis of the exhibitors and visitors' experience from LabDays Copenhagen - and this analysis will be published as soon as possible on this website.


J.B. Exhibitions thank everyone involved for a really good fair; and we are looking forward to conducting Labdays Aarhus 2019, which will take place from 11th to 12th September at the Scandinavian Congress Center in Aarhus - the "capital" of jutland.

Great bustle on the fair

Many visitors on LabDays Copenhagen 2018

Stand rental LabDays Copenhagen 2018

Turnkey stands - stand rental prices:


DDK 2.195 pr. m²


As something new have we established a special stand area for smaller stand on 8 m² or less (min. 4 m²). We would like to give smaller exhibitors a greater opportunity to profile themselves and make themselves more visible. This stand area is made in blue in the attached floor plan - PUSH HERE to see the floor plan



The stand rental for turnkey stands includes:


Stand walls against your neighbors (2,5 m. high white walls)

Light: 2 light spots (from the ceiling) for each 9 m²

1 powersupply approximately 1,5 kW (3 plugs)

1 white round table for each 8 m²

2 white shell chairs for each 8 m²

Blue carpet in the stand

WiFi connection

Inclusion in the online catalog and our online packet, which means you can upload your logo, up to 10 photoes and 1 video on your pages in the online catalog.


All stands in the blue turnkey stand area have to use our standard wall system - in other words, our system is mandatory. The stands are build without canopies.



Normal stand - stand rental prices:


Under 32 m² DKK 1.995 per m²

Between 32 - 44 m² DKK 1.895 per m²

More than 44 m² DDK 1.695 per m²


Smallest stand is 4 m² (2x2 meter)


The standrental for normal stands includes the following:


Stand walls against your neighbors (2,5 m. high white walls)

Light: 2 light spots (from the ceiling) for each 9 m²

1 powersupply approximately 1,5 kW (3 plugs)

WiFi connection

Inclusion in the online catalog (incl. 2 x text of own choice - for 895 DDK you can buy our online packet: company logo, up to 10 photos and 1 video)


Exhibitors with "normal stands" can use our standard stand walls; but they are also allowed to use their own build up system and make custom made stands. Our maximum stand high is 2½ m. But one can get dispensation from us (J.B. Exhibtions); if your nearest neighbors allow it.



Registration fee:


Registration fee per exhibitor DKK 2.198

Registration fee per co-exhibitor DKK 498*


* (which means separate registration in the online catalog)



Extra supplies to your stand


PH Service is the company that build up the stands that use the standard build-up system. So if you need extra walls, you will have to order that from PH Service. The venue, The Øksne hall has their own Technical Department and here you can order extra spots, chairs, tables and so on.


Contact info: PH Service,, Phone +45 62 55 12 07

Contact info: The Øksne hall's Technical Department - or Phone +45 52 19 14 15



Oppening hours:


Monday 10th September: Build up of all the stands

Tuesday 11th September: From 08.00 - 24.00: The exhibitors move in

Wednesday 12th September: From 09.00 - 16.00 open for visitors (Exhibitors can enter the exhibition hall from 8 o'clock)

Thursday 13th September: From 09.00 - 16.00 open for visitors (Exhibitors can enter the hall from 8 o'clock)

Thursday 13th September: From 16.00 - 24.00 the exhibitors move out.

Friday 14th September: From 24.00 - 05.00 breaks down of all the stands



Payment Terms: The reg. fee + 50%: Monday 8th January 2018

The rest: Monday 9th January 2019


All prices are ex. VAT and in Danish Kroner


Exhibitors coming from other EU countries don't have to pay danish VAT

Currency approximately: DDK 1.000 = 134,40 Euro


DSV Solutions A/S, Att.: Henrik Glendorf can help you with everything conserning logistics and transport.


Contact info: DVS, Henrik Glendorf direct phone +45 43 20 38 53 or Mobile phone +45 40 40 39 89



Do you want futher informations about LabDays Copenhagen 2019 ?


Then please contact us

Bo Rasmussen


Phone +45 20 33 33 16

Jesper Åndahl


Phone +45 21 27 08 14

LabDays is organized by J.B. Exhibitions ApS - Svogerslevvej 6 - DK - 2700 Brønshøj - P: +45 2033 3316 or P: +45 2127 0814