LabDays 2017


20. - 21. september 2017

Welcome to LabDays 2017

The Labdays event was conducted the first time in September 2015, and with 79 exhibitors and close to 1,500 visitors the premiere was considered a success. Below you can read the full report from LabDays 2015.


We, J.B. Exhibitions, are therefore pleased to present all the details concerning how LabDays 2017 is expected to be implemented. A large majority of the exhibitors and visitors (from 2015) felt that Aarhus was the right location. And at the same time was everyone satisfied with the venue, Scandinavian Congress Center. So LabDays 2017 will again be held in Scandinavian Congress Center in Aarhus. Similarly, a lot of exhibitors was satisfied with the exhibition concept with fixed turnkey stands. And thats why we also stuck to the concept with fixed turnkey stands for all exhibitors.


With the various menu buttoms above, you will find all the details about LabDays 2017. Good luck and welcome to LabDays 2017, from Wednesday 20th to Thursday 21th September in Scandinavian Congress Center in Aarhus..

Jesper Åndahl

Bo Rasmussen

LabDays 2015

How was the response from the visitors and the exhibitors on LabDays 2015...

93 % were very satisfied or satisfied with the number of visitors

86 % were very satisfied or satisfied with the quality of the visitors

93 % were very satisfied or satisfied with the fair in all together

76 % found the location in Aarhus important







Read the full rapport incl. profil on the visitors here

The scientiftic progam for Lab Days 2015


Here you can see the scientific program med the following activities: LSBs' theme day, Dialabs' Purchasers day and Exhibitors Free Lab Theater Click here (in danish).



Click here for info about LSBs' theme day


Click here for info about Dialabs' Purchasers' day


Click here for info about Exhibitors Free Lab Theater



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79 exhibitors on LabDays 2015 - see them here

Photos from LabDays 2015:

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